Arab American Business & Professional Association

The Arab-American Business and Professional Association continues to add young and dynamic leaders to its board of directors. The newest member is long-time community organizer and fundraiser Rima Sweiss.  She has been recognized for supporting and empowering nonprofit organizations, political organizations, elected officials, campaigns, various small businesses, and many figures in the public eye.  Sweiss is excited to join the ABPA board saying “I have noticed in the last year how active ABPA has been in the small business community especially with developing the Community Retail Association. I am looking forward to playing a key role in the CRA and other ABPA programs that focus on women in business” she said. 

Whether lending a hand or sitting on boards and committees, Rima has offered personalized solutions to their diverse needs.  She is also an investor in both real estate and restaurants in the Chicagoland area.  In her spare time, she has an over 10-year history working with local, national, and global organizations. We wish Ms. Sweiss the very best as our newest ABPA board member