Arab American Business & Professional Association

The Arab-American Business and Professional Association is proud to welcome its newest member to the Board of Directors. Esraa Aburass was voted to serve a 3-year term effective immediately, making Mrs. Aburass the youngest board member in ABPA’s 30-year history at the age of 24.

Mrs. Aburass was born in Saudia Arabia and completed her education in the U.S. obtaining her bachelor’s degree in finance alongside her double minors in Sociology and Middle Eastern Studies at Saint Xavier University. She was also selected to the ABPA’s Emerging Leader Program Class of 2021 where her initiative was based on encouraging aspiring women to enter the engineering field. “I have always believed in the power of giving back, giving back to those that are unheard. Therefore, I am honored to be selected to be a part of the Arab-American Business and Professional Association youngest board member. I will aim to give a voice to every Arab American woman in our community and be an ally to their success. And to all my young Arab fellows, it is never too late to chase your dreams early.”

ABPA is a business organization founded in 1991 that promotes networking opportunities among the Arab American Community and provides tools and resources to create growth for small business owners and professionals.  The Organization also serves to be the collective voice and advocate for Arab-American Small Business Owners, with issues that require the attention of media, government, and community organizing.