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After The Community Retail Association officially launch in October 2021, one of its key missions was to create a program centered around giving back to neighborhoods where member stores are located. The Kick Back 2 Community program is initiated by retail owners as a path to show customer appreciation and be part of improving neighborhood projects and initiatives.

CRA Outreach Director Ahmad El-Khatib believes this was long overdue. “We have retail owners who want to give back to their neighborhood but sometimes do not know how to go about it. This is one of the reasons we started the Community Retail Association, we are able to organize and host “Kick Back” events together” Mr. Elkhatib said. The CRA plans to host at least 3 “Kick Back” events in 2022 including a back-to-school event in early August, a Thanksgiving event early November, and a Christmas theme event in December. “This is only the beginning for our Kick Back 2 Community program” says CRA Co-Founder Rush Darwish. “When we formed this organization, the consensus was we will be judged not by what we can do for retail owners but by how we are giving back to communities where our members own shops.” Mr. Darwish said.

The Community Retail Association is a network of Illinois retail business owners working together to insure there is equity and inclusion on a city, state and federal level. Our mission is to organize Retail owners in Illinois to communicate as a united entity. Furthermore, advocate for our retail owners in all aspects including taking action on unjust treatment on our business owners, to organize and mobilize our members when opportunities become available.