Arab American Business & Professional Association

Former small business owner turned Mayor of Bolingbrook Mary Alexander-Basta will chair ABPA’s Advisory board. Previously chaired by Attorney Imad Qasim of Sidely Austin LLP, Mayor Alexander-Basta will play a key role with bringing her valuable experience to help ABPA’s newly built infrastructure including the business center scheduled to open in March 2023. Plus, help expand ABPA’s emPOWER initiative with advising on how to guide female entrepreneurs with starting a business. “A key part of my job serving as Mayor of Bolingbrook is economic development helping residents with their start up business” Alexander Basta said. “I am really excited to bring my knowledge to advise ABPA and our community at large with reaching their goals and striving for the American Dream”. 

The ABPA Advisory board was formed in 2016 to serve as an outlet to engage top tier Arab and Non-Arab professionals to advise the organization with all its programs and initiatives. Mayor Alexander-Basta will be work closely with the officers to expand the advisory board membership and set the expectations moving forward.