Arab-American Business & Professional Association welcomes New Officers

     The Arab- American Business & Professional Association is proud to announce its new incoming Officers in 2021; Esteemed attorney, and nationally recognized activist Vivian Khalaf has been named Vice President of ABPA, Certified Financial Planner Hussam Zayyed was appointed Treasurer, and Entrepreneur Tayseer Doleh will take on the role as Secretary. Recently named ABPA President Rush Darwish who expressed his excitement for the incoming officers saying, “the new officers bring a fresh, vibrant dynamic to the table that I am certain will take ABPA to the next level.” This new group wants to innovate, and this is exactly what our Organization needs now more than ever.”

The newly chosen Officers will succeed four outstanding pillars in the Illinois’ Arab- American community who all served on the ABPA Executive Board for the past 15 years. Founder Talat Othman (President), Retired Judge, Hon. Bill Haddad (Vice-President), Small Business Owner, Amir Darwish (Treasurer) and Attorney, Vivian Khalaf (Secretary) who has been named Vice President. Khalaf expressed her deep appreciation taking on this role, saying “I look forward to stepping into this position with a profound sense of purpose and direction. I am proud to serve alongside the current members of the board in the years to come. Universal principals put in place by those who established and led AABPA from its inception, have guided the way for the future leadership to succeed. We have benefitted from their experiences and for that we are extremely grateful.”

The Incoming Officers and Board of Directors will now focus their energy towards engaging small business owners, establish lasting partnerships, and continue to advance Arab-American businesses and professionals in Illinois.

ABPA is a business organization founded in 1991 that promotes networking opportunities amongst the Arab-American Community, and provides tools and resources to create growth for small business owners and professionals. They strive to serve as the collective voice to advocate for Arab-American Small Business owners through community organizing, media engagement, and government action. Additionally, the Organization presents and promotes programs for a better understanding of the Arab culture, while demonstrating ways to be successful in doing business in the U.S. and abroad. Moreover, ABPA welcomes business delegations from the Middle East and assists affiliated Chambers of Commerce and Business Councils in organizing trade and investment delegations to the region. For more information about ABPA please visit