Arab American Business & Professional Association

When people are serious, they tend to use the saying “we mean business”.  When you are from the Middle Eastern-North African community the saying is “We MENA Business”!

The Arab-American Business and Professional Association is set to launch the platform A search engine site that will be the future hub for visitors to find Middle Eastern North African Businesses close to their location. Businesses and Professional services will have the option to list for free or can pay a $9 monthly fee for expanded features to highlight their business. ABPA president Rush Darwish admits this concept is ambitious saying “ is a platform for consumers and businesses to have an exclusive outlet to connect”. “There are many building blocks to make this platform successful but the most important at this stage is for MENA business owners to list their business, so the search engine gives consumers a lot of options”. WeMENAbiz.con will also feature a mobile app version that is currently in development. All proceeds will go towards supporting ABPA’s various initiatives including the Economic Development Center in Palos Heights. More details and information to come on