Arab American Business & Professional Association

The Arab-American Business and Professional Association is proud to announce the creation of the ABPA emPOWER grant program for ambitious, aspiring female entrepreneurs looking for start-up funding for their Illinois- based businesses. A grant application will be formed that will require various information about the business including proof of start-up, a description about what type of business venture the applicant is entering, and a short essay explaining why the applicant should be awarded the empower grant. “It’s time for our Arab American Women to lead from the front” ABPA President Rush Darwish said. “There is an enormous number of talented women who simply need a boost to get their business start-up off the ground.” The ABPA emPOWER Grant is going to be the boost”. 

The grant award amount is $5,000 and the number of grants available per year will be determined by the help of philanthropic supporters.  ABPA will award at least two emPOWER grant recipients at the emPOWER23 Networking Event March 9th at Pazzos. Interested applicants can begin applying for the ABPA emPOWER grant in January 16 through February 19 at