Arab American Business & Professional Association

The Arab American Business and Professional Association (ABPA) has been appointed as a member of the 2024 Democratic National Convention Host Committee Business Diversity Council. This significant development marks a crucial opportunity for the Illinois Arab American/MENA community to advocate for vendor contracting opportunities within the business landscape of Chicago. ABPA President Rush Darwish hailed this achievement as a giant leap forward, affirming the community’s growing role within Chicago’s business ecosystem. “I am excited that our community is recognized as a vital part of Chicago’s business community,” says Mr. Darwish. “We must ensure that for the DNC 2024 and all future large-scale events, Arab American/MENA vendors have equitable access to bid alongside other minority groups.”

The DNC Business Diversity Council serves as a platform to ensure the active participation of businesses owned by entrepreneurs from diverse racial, ethnic, and gender backgrounds, promoting an inclusive and representative business environment during the convention. The 2024 Democratic National Convention is slated to take place from August 19th to 22nd, drawing an estimated attendance of over 50,000 attendees to Chicago. This presents an opportunity for the local business community, including Arab American/MENA vendors, to showcase their offerings and secure valuable contracts. More information to come regarding how to submit RFP’s (Request For Proposals) as soon as it becomes available.