Arab American Business & Professional Association

Alexi Giannoulias will become the next Illinois Secretary of State. Part of the process to ensure his success is a transition team to give input and guidance on various issues that are important to Illinois residents. ABPA President Rush Darwish was named on the transition team for Business Services. Mr. Darwish will join an esteemed team of individuals that include former ABPA Vice President Vivian Khalaf and Letty Velez, CEO of Velez Global Enterprise.

Darwish communicated with SOS elect Giannoulias in the early stages of the campaign serving as a bridge builder between Mr. Giannoulias and the Arab American business community. ABPA has been a fierce advocate for Arab American and MENA minority inclusion and will continue to work on various initiatives on a state wide level. Alexi Giannoulias will be officially sworn in as Secretary of State January 9th, 2023.