Arab American Business & Professional Association

     ABPA Illinois is excited to announce a new initiative to add to our Emerging Leader Program. ABPA-IL will join forces with ABPA Washington DC with offering internships for qualified Arab American students from Illinois. ABPA DC’s nationwide internship program is designed for all students and highly encourages Arab-Americans, minorities, women, veterans, and individuals with disabilities to apply. ABPA President Rush Darwish is encouraged for this new opportunity saying “ABPA DC is one of the premiere leaders in placing students in top line internships that also lead to full time careers. ABPA IL is beyond thrilled to engage students from our great state to apply for these internships that are now offered virtually due to Covid-19. We are also looking forward to creating partnerships to add to ABPA DC’s already robust host employers in the federal and corporate field”. 

ABPA DC founder and President Fuad Sahouri is also looking forward to receiving more qualified applicants from Illinois and around the nation. Mr. Sahouri says “With optimism, in 20 to 25 years, we will have the Arab-American community-integrated―rather than assimilated―within the country. ABPA Institute receives applications from across the U.S. and has successfully placed many students into internships in the federal and private sector. Students can find out whether they are really interested in a particular career or not by going through an internship at a federal agency, or elsewhere, and see if it is the right fit. We are looking forward to receiving more qualified applicants from Illinois and around nation through our partnership with ABPA Illinois”.

Internships are available for qualified applicants. Once an application is submitted, the ABPA DC staff will evaluate and determine if a student meets the criteria with one of its host employees. Students from Illinois can begin to apply immediately at For more information about the wide variety of student services ABPA DC offers visit or