Arab American Business & Professional Association

The Arab-American Business and Professional Association is proud to introduce emPOWER Expo. This initiative is designed for female-owned businesses and professionals to showcase, sell, or simply inform attendees by having an expo booth at the inaugural ABPA Women Empower Event on March 6, 2024, at Alhambra Palace.

-Vendors have the option to set up one table for $350 or a two-table set up for $500.

-Vendors must provide one small gift item for the event swag bag to attract attendees to the booth

-Vendors can sell products or services during the entirety of the event. The vendor must provide all payment methods

-Electric is available upon request

-It is encouraged for all expo booths to have someone present, but it is not mandatory 

-All vendors are responsible for loading and unloading their goods and materials with no acceptations