Arab American Business & Professional Association

We are excited to introduce the newly enhanced ABPA’s Emerging Leader Program. This revitalized initiative is designed to foster leadership capabilities and spark creativity among participants, empowering them to make a meaningful difference within Arab American communities and beyond.

The program now features a structured approach where tasks are assigned to Emerging Leaders, steering them towards impactful initiatives and providing clear direction for their growth. Diversity is at the heart of our program, as we encourage applicants from varied Arab American backgrounds, emphasizing the significance of nurturing leadership qualities from an early stage. In this program, Emerging Leaders receive regular feedback and support to progress and develop throughout the 10-week duration, where a commitment of 5-10 hours per week is expected from participants to effectively fulfill their assigned tasks. If selected into the E.L program, financial compensation is awarded for selectees who complete the 10-week program.   Successful completion of the program is celebrated with a certificate of achievement and special recognition at ABPA’s Annual Dinner, where the accomplishments of Emerging Leaders are honored. Outstanding participants have the opportunity for growth within the organization, potentially assuming future roles on the ABPA Board or Advisory Board, participating in exclusive meetings with top executives and officials, and further advancing their leadership journey.

The Emerging Leader Program stands as a unique platform for individuals to refine their leadership skills, drive positive change, and gain invaluable experience in shaping a better future. Join us on this transformative journey today.

**Introduction to the First Initiative for Upcoming Emerging Leaders 2024 – “Intro to Little Palestine”:**

As part of the Emerging Leader Relaunch Program, ABPA is unveiling the inaugural initiative for the upcoming cohort of Emerging Leaders in 2024, focusing on the vibrant community of Little Palestine in the Chicago Southwest Suburbs. Recognized as a hub for Arab-owned businesses, Little Palestine embodies a rich cultural and economic landscape that is integral to the region’s identity.

Key Points about Little Palestine:

1. **Cultural Significance**: 

Little Palestine is widely regarded as the heart and soul of Arab-owned businesses in the Chicago Southwest Suburbs, serving as a focal point for community engagement and economic activity.

2. **Geographical Scope**: 

Spanning from 79th and Harlem through Harlem Ave and College Dr., Little Palestine encompasses a distinct area that showcases the diversity and entrepreneurial spirit of its residents.

3. **Under-recognized Gem**: 

Despite its prominence within the Arab community on a national scale, Little Palestine remains a hidden gem for non-Arab residents of Illinois, offering a unique blend of cultural experiences and business opportunities.

4. **ABPA’s Initiative**: 

The Emerging Leaders of ABPA have been entrusted with a pivotal mission – to shine a spotlight on Little Palestine and elevate its visibility within the broader community. This initiative marks the first significant step towards placing Little Palestine firmly on the map.

5. **Task for Emerging Leaders**: 

The initial group of Emerging Leaders will be tasked with identifying and documenting the diverse businesses that form the fabric of Little Palestine, shedding light on the entrepreneurial ventures, cultural offerings, and community impact within this dynamic enclave. 

By immersing themselves in the vibrant tapestry of Little Palestine, the Emerging Leaders of 2024 will play a crucial role in amplifying the voices and stories of this thriving community, setting the stage for greater recognition, connection, and collaboration within and beyond the Chicago Southwest Suburbs.