Arab American Business & Professional Association

There will be a new center dedicated to serving the Arab American business and professional community and beyond. The ABPA/CRA center for Economic Development will open its doors in January 2023 with an ambitious goal to offer business and professional services for aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals. The Palos Heights based center will offer live streaming webinars, consult individuals with business start-up goals, conduct various in person professional development workshops, invite prominent leaders as guest speakers and many other services dedicated to empowering small business owners and professionals to reach their full potential in their desired field. “Our Arab American community is growing expediently but there is no outlet available where they can have access to resources, information, and speak to seasoned professionals about their business and professional goals” says ABPA President Rush Darwish. “Finally, there is a place where we can help folks achieve their dreams”. 

The entire startup funds for the center will come from philanthropic support by members of the business and professional community including all proceeds from the ABPA Annual Dinner Gala November 18, 2022. The ABPA/CRA Center for economic development will feature a 12-seat conference room, two smaller offices for meetings, and an open space to be used for professional development type workshops. The center will also feature a multi-camera set up to broadcast webinars. Plus, additional services will be offered to members later in 2023. Also, a portion of the office will have the names of individual top donors who contributed to the start up for the ABPA/CRA Center for Economic Development. 

The Arab American Business and Professional Association turned 31 years in 2022 and has been a staple in the Illinois Community for networking, connecting, and cultivating relationships to boaster our influence as an economic player in the state of Illinois.  The Community Retail Association formed in October 2021 with the mission to advocate for Illinois Retail Owners while also creating give back programs in the neighborhoods where member stores are located.  ABPA and CRA are asking for full support on this initiative by attending the ABPA Annual Gala Friday November 18 at Esplanade Lakes by Doubletree in Downers Grove.  Sponsorship options are available at