Arab American Business & Professional Association

ABPA is excited to announce our Emerging Leader selectees for the Class of 2023!
The ABPA Emerging Leader Program is designed to engage Arab Americans with our organization by selecting top tier, up and coming professionals with the skills and qualifications to create new business initiatives and programs to benefit the Arab American Community and beyond. We congratulate our newest inductees and look forward to their presentations throughout the year.

Gayyath Al Masri

Gayyath grew up in the small town of Salima, Lebanon and is the home he emigrated from three years ago to pursue graduate studies in the U.S.  Currently, he is a Marketing Automation Specialist at Wiley and pursuing an MBA at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Gayyath is building on his B.A from the Lebanese American University. After living in Chicago the past year, he is inspired to see Arabs boldly following their passions and enriching their communities in the process. His hobbies include pop culture, product design, dance, and astrophysics!

Jana Daoud

Jana is an experienced community organizer. Driven by her family’s history, she takes pride in helping to improve living conditions for the community. As a legislative coordinator, Jana’s goals include bringing Palestinian and Arab American issues to the forefront of Illinois legislators. Jana is a graduate of Roosevelt University, where she majored in International Studies and Philosophy. She also holds a master’s in law from the University of Kent. Jana has a passion for justice and human rights and is looking forward to beginning law school soon. When Jana isn’t busy with work or organizing, you can find her borrowing books from the library or baking for her family and friends.

Ruba Khalil

Ruba is a driven and ambitious individual who is currently in the final year of attaining a B.S in Political Science and Government. Currently, she works as a civil litigation paralegal at Attorneys of Chicago. She loves politics, law, business, and community leadership. Ruba is looking forward to beginning law school in the fall of 2024. Growing up in the Chicago Metro Area, Ruba has always been interested in the political landscape and desire to make a positive impact for her community.

Hamza Aljizawi

Hamza is a physical education graduate from Jordan University in 2009. He has a passion in making physical education more fun and interactive through creative games and activities. He has experience in organizing and managing big events focusing on sport events activities with a specialization in volleyball and swimming.