Arab American Business & Professional Association

Our mission for The Arab-American Business and Professional Association (ABPA) is to empower and advocate for the Arab American/Middle Eastern North African community in Illinois by providing essential tools, resources, and support to facilitate the growth and success of small business owners and professionals. We are committed to creating impactful programs and initiatives that foster the growth and prosperity of Arab American business owners and professionals, enabling them to achieve excellence in their careers and businesses. Our dedication extends to serving all residents in need of assistance in reaching their business goals. As a collective voice and advocate for small business owners, we address issues that require attention from the media, government, and community organizations, ensuring that the concerns and needs of our members are heard and acted upon.

Furthermore, we are devoted to developing the next generation of Arab American professionals through our Emerging Leader Program, nurturing and empowering young talent to become future leaders in the business and professional landscape. In addition, we provide invaluable services and information to Illinois businesses seeking to establish and expand their presence in Arab countries, fostering mutually beneficial relationships and opportunities. Finally, ABPA places a strong emphasis on giving back to the communities where our members own retail shops, embodying our commitment to social responsibility and community enrichment. Through these initiatives and commitments, the Arab-American Business and Professional Association stands as a catalyst for positive change and growth within the Arab American business and professional community, driving economic prosperity and fostering a thriving, interconnected network of entrepreneurs and professionals.