Arab American Business & Professional Association


The Arab American Business & Professional Association, along with its board of directors unanimously agreed the time has come to not only advocate for Arab American small business owners, but to also address the need of building a stronger relationship with members of the communities these businesses serve.

With this mind, ABPA is proud to introduce the ABPA Small Business Task Force. The SBTF mission is to serve as a unified voice for all Illinois Arab American Small Businesses when dealing with issues or concerns that pertain to all business owners. The group will address and implement a plan of action to help build a stronger relationship with the owners and their patrons.

Our SBTF Goals Include:

  • To serve as the collective voice and advocate for Arab American Small Business Owners with issues that require the attention of Media, Government, and our community’s attention.
  • To serve as the facilitator between Small Business Owners and its customers particularly in under served neighborhoods
  • Advocate on behalf of Arab American small businesses within our government
  • Create, implement and maintain  an online directory dedicated to Arab American Small Business Owners and professionals

ABPA is a business organization that facilitates networking opportunities among the Arab American Community and promotes trade and investment between the U.S. and the Arab World. Additionally, we organize and offer programs to our members and the broader business community that provide a better understanding of the Arab Culture and the way to be successful in doing business in that important and affluent region of the world. Moreover, we welcome Business delegations from the Middle East and assist affiliated Chambers of Commerce and Business Councils in organizing trade and investment delegations to the region.