Arab American Business & Professional Association

The ABPA Emerging Leader Program is designed to engage Arab Americans with our organization by selecting top tier, up and coming professionals with the skills and qualifications to create new business initiatives and programs to benefit the Arab American Community and beyond.

The ABPA’s Emerging Leader Program is not just an award; it is about completing a task or an initiative. The selected participants will be responsible for creating an idea or concept that helps promote and improve Arab Business.

There are two types of initiatives to apply for:

One Time Initiative

The One-Time Initiative is an event or program created that is meant to occur just once, and is to be implemented and executed during the calendar year. A one-time initiative emerging leader will go through a selection process to become a board member if the E.L recipient would like to develop a different initiative the following year.

Long-Term Initiative

The Long-Term Initiative is an ongoing program that will occur on an annual basis. If an initiative is successful the first year, participants will go through a selection process to become a board member and continue to develop and grow their program initiative past the one-year commitment in the emerging leader program.

The ABPA emerging leader program will require all interested participants to complete an online application. Our selection committee comprises of the ABPA board, and successful members from the Arab American Business community. They will carefully review all applications.

Once an individual is chosen as ABPA’S Emerging Leader, the Initiative described in their online application must be fulfilled. The recipient will have six months to complete the task.

There are great incentives for those selected in the ABPA emerging leader program:

  • Opportunities to network with highly successful members from the ABPA Board members, businesses, and individuals who work closely with the ABPA group.
  • Welcomed to join our ABPA Advisory Board
  • Gain a powerful boost on the resume by receiving recognition from an established organization such as ABPA.
  • Make a significant contribution to the business community.
  • Receive a one-year free ABPA membership
  • Be a part of committee and help select future recipients.

Are you an emerging leader?  Are you ready to put your skills, creativity, and hard work to the test? Fill out the online application and show us what you got. We look forward to hearing your idea and how you can make our business community thrive!

To Apply for the ABPA Emerging Leader Program. Please see link below.

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